Fonzie, chocolate tested male.  DOB 4-20-19.  Collects easy.  He is 2 for 2 using him, first litter there were 7, second litter, 4.  Adele and Ariel above are daughters.  $4000


I am letting go of my French Bulldog breeding program.  I simply do not have the time, these were my keeper dogs, they are young, healthy, good dogs.

All dogs are AKC and are listed at Full breeding right prices. (none are spayed or neutered)  

PRICED TO SELL.  I will package price 2 or more dogs. 

Info beneath each dog, PLEASE READ the info and if there is anything else you would like to know or I missed, please do let me know.  I am listing them all on this page so that I can send people to this page and not have to type the same things over and over on text, email, and on phone calls.  I am pretty firm on prices unless more than one dog is bought at the same time.

I DO NOT HAVE A WAY TO SHIP ADULTS, you will have to find shipping and you are responsible for whoever you hire.  I am not responsible after the dog leaves my hands!!!!  Or, you are more than welcome to come get them yourself, I am happy to meet people in well lit, public places.

A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED to hold a dog.   I will NOT hold any dog without a deposit.  Payment in full is required before transport, or at the time of meeting for pickup. 

The dog must leave here within 2 weeks of deposit.

Some are due to come in heat anytime.  I WILL BREED them if they do, and I will hold off on selling that particular female until she whelps and weans.  So if you are interested, you better get on purchasing!

Please do not waste my time, prices are listed, if you know you can not purchase, please do not waste my time, I am letting these dogs go because I do not have the extra time to do this, so if you are not serious, please do not contact me.  I am NOT DESPERATE, these are not throw aways.....  




Ariel, tested n/co, DOB 11-24-2020.  Mom is Frenchie above, and dad is Fonzie below, chocolate and blue carrier.   SOLD!!!

Zuri blue female.  DOB 6-6-2020.  Very nice blue girl we raised and her momma was an outstanding producer, nice size and several litters before I got her.  This girl has not been in heat yet, and is not quite a year old.   SOLD!!!


This nice girl is Harlow!  She is not available at this time, as she has a litter of babies!! She will be available after weaning them.  Approximate weaning date is 7-18-21.  All of her puppies born are already sold and she is an EXCELLENT mother.   She will be listed at $6500 firm.

"Frenchie" blue brindle female.  DOB 6-8-2019.  First litter Born November 24, 2020. She had and raised all 7.  No cleft pallets, no hernias, all vet checked perfect and healthy.   Last in heat September 2020.  will be coming in soon!  SOLD!!!!! 


Adele, cocoa tested n/co.  DOB 11-24-2020, Mom is Frenchie above, and dad is Fonzie below.  Chocolate and blue carrier.  SOLD!!!!!


"Ivy" chocolate brindle female.  Cocoa test is back n/co.  DOB 4-20-2019.  Has not been bred. Was last in heat October 2020, will be in soon.   SOLD!!!!